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Remote Services

Remote Server Administration

Private-label system administration and server management includes:

Hosting Automation Software management
Different control panels and other software
Integrity checks and troubleshooting
Software updates
Moving servers/users/resellers from one data center to another
Moving servers/users/resellers from one control panel to another
Moving users/resellers from server to server

System Maintenance
Installation, setup and tuning
Linux, FreeBSD, other Unixes (kernel, libraries, exotic hardware support)
Basic networking

DNS/firewall/advanced networking
Email services: Sendmail/Qmail/Exim/POP3/IMAP
Web services: Apache/Tomcat/JBoss
Custom services: Perl/PHP/JSP/MySQL/FrontPage extension
Hosting automation software: (Cpanel/Plesk/Ensim/Webmin)
3rd-party software: MRTG/ImageMagick/etc
Adding a server to our monitoring panel

Full System Lifecycle Support
Centralized monitoring panel for servers
Basic monitored metrics:
IP Address/IP networks changing
Backup/restore data
Tuning for best performance

Security Updates
Security monitoring and protection
Security updates installation

Centralized monitoring panel for servers
Monitored metrics
Network accessibility and IP traffic
System performance
Disk usage
RAM usage
Allowed services functionality
Number of running processes
Expolit run attempts tracking

Support technicians to solve problems such as:
Low disk space
DoS attacks
Incorrect user activities (spam, greedy processes, etc)
Hardware problem detection
Server upstream problem detection and solution

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