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Tech Support Services

Dedicated technicians for your needs

With our service, we provide:

A manager who will monitor the staff and guarantee quality and your privacy
Agreement about your required timeframe and response time
Installation of your own private label helpdesk system: the capability of having users/customers submit their support requests (tickets) through the helpdesk system and receive replies from your system
Installations of applications such as eSupport Suite, vBulletin, PerlDesk, PHP, ModernBill, Plesk)
Contact with our techs by email, instant message, or SMS
The ability to track our activities and view statistics through the helpdesk system
A price dependent on
timeframe (for example: night shift or 24×7)
number of servers
number of users
number of accounts
number of virtual servers
number of tickets

Support for problems such as

DNS, email, other standard services
Website setup: httpd.conf, htaccess, file attributes
Custom addon modules and 3rd party software
Security and passwords (.htaccess, security certificates, etc.)

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